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Return policy and shipping info.

Dear Customers,
all the items we are selling here are original THE FROZEN AUTUMN and STATIC MOVEMENT top-quality merchandising, very rare and hard/impossible to find anywhere else. All of them have to be considered as special order items available in limited amounts only. This is the reason why we can accept no returned items, under no circumstances.
The chosen item(s) will be sent via registered mail to your shipping address within 7 working days from the date of your order. Delivery occurs within about 10 days after sending the item(s), at least as far as Italy and UE are concerned. For all other countries, delivery is likely to take longer. Shipping prices include packaging. Displayed prices don't include PayPal fee which is around 4%, and is automatically charged when you purchase the item(s).
Thanks for your attention and enjoy your shopping at The Frozen Autumn online store!